Founded in 1925 by Daniel Steen as an upholstery and sewing workshop, the Company has always been a byword for tradition and quality in northern Hamburg, Germany. During the 1970’s, and with the arrival of his son, Joachin Steen, the concept was expanded to shop and interior design.

The basic principle of the firm has always been the philosophy of tradition and quality. Throughout the years, the business has consolidated its reputation as prestigious interior decorators, broadening its horizons with projects in Switzerland, UK, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere.

In 1995 it was decided that the company would expand abroad, and Mallorca was considered the ideal location, not leastthanks to the large number of German clients with holiday homes on the island. The Mallorcan venture opened with the incorporation of Katja Steen, the founder’s grand-daughter, and her husband Adelino, where we continue to guide and advise our clients in the decoration of their homes with great pleasure.

With the same vision as 85 years ago, whereby quality, tradition and personal attention combine with a sole objective: our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Foto Katja Steen y Adelino de Miranda


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